Books For Breakfast

It’s been a while since I did books, and so…

Recently I’ve read:

A really good collection of his old Guardian articles but I’m starting to suffer from fact fatigue. There are bits in here I swear I’ve read iin 4 other books in the last few years…

Then it was:

Never read him before and part of my continuing rediscovery of my sci-fi geek roots. Really good, as good as they say it is. Have been loaned Mother Night as it’s apparently better…

How do you know you have a lot in common with someone? When you meet for coffee and they, entirely independently of you, are reading Slaughterhouse 5 🙂


Does what it say on the tin, again preaching to the converted here but quite funny in places.

And now I’ve finally taken a crack at:

I’ll reserve judgement…

5 thoughts on “Books For Breakfast

  1. Imo Slaughterhouse 5 and Third Policeman are absolute gems! I actually got teary eyed the day i heaerd that Vonnegut had passed away. Must check out the George Monbiot book.Mmmmmm new books to read.Feel free to recommend some stuff!

  2. The Third policeman is just brilliant. Such an astounding display of imagination. Might be worth knowing that the scientific notes don’t have any relevance! You could easily skip them without missing anything.

  3. Aw, but I was enjoying them John!!! Weird how I can see segments of Father Ted in it. I haven’t given up yet. Monbiot is great GofE but Naomi Klein’s most recent one is more shocking…

    Orpees, economic as always 😉

  4. cats cradle<slaughterhouse 5<breakfast of champions

    Third Policeman drags at bits but is mostly magic

    dont know the first one

    wouldn’t bother with the Michael Moore one

    how is it you’re almost in your 50s and haven’t read slaughterhouse/third policeman?! you’ll never get on the view if you’re like that.

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