25 thoughts on “4 More Years

  1. Happy BlogBirthday πŸ™‚

    Four years is impressive,especially when taking into account the volume of stuff produced on a daily basis.

    *Raises a whiskey glass in your honour*

  2. Twenty – see? If only they’d had spellcheck on typewriters… It’s my secret shame – I spell like a 7 year old.

    GofE – if you throw enough shit at anything some of it is bound to stick… Am thinking of making my new descripton line “Never mind the quality, feel the width…” πŸ˜‰

  3. What a lovely letter… “my snug on a Saturday night” funny, I was just explaining what a snug was, ON Saturday night as we passed Peter’s Pub of all places. Happy Blog Birthday! Here is to four more years, though I honestly can’t see you being one of those bloggers that “gives up”, unless you do of course go back to that first chapter… which wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. Congratumalations! Will your blog be starting school in September? Mines still in nappies and barely says two words.

    Love this blog Mr O’Shea – long may it continue! πŸ˜€

  5. Happy birthday Rick’s blog and well done. I faltered after 2 posts. You’ve encouraged me to get back to it. Lovely post – well worth squinting trying to read the tiny letters on my iPhone. Here’s hoping this isn’t your “final triumph” (if that’s what it says-i may not have squinted enough) but just another successful string on your giant bow. No Todd-like innuendo intended. (Yes I know the innuendo one too). Keep up the good work and we’ll keep reading and listening.

  6. I think for old times sake you should do one more ‘park jobs of the rich and famous’. Old school.

  7. Proud to say I’ve been a follower of your blog since the breakfast days – and sent a mousemat to commemorate the passing of said show.

    Really wonderful post.

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