You may as well hear here as the papers will have it in the morning:

There are changes afoot and we’ll be moving from 6 to 9pm to 2 to 5 every afternoon 🙂

Still trying to accomodate that but we’re all thrilled and madly excited :-))))


3 thoughts on “:-)

  1. Wonderful, the one thing I looked forward to in the evening listening to after work going to be moved – glad someone is thrilled about it coz I’m not.

  2. I can only agree, it’s on during school hours now so you’re going to lose most of your younger listeners. I suppose you will have a more mature audience though. Fine so, leave all the night time listeners in despair(Sniffle) I guess I’ll be hearing you in June… oh no wait, Leaving Cert… July it is then… (Sob)

  3. Me again… out of vague interest, who will be replacing you? And can you warn me of any more changes?< Who is going where? And what business have you upsetting your loyal listeners and making them choke on their dinner with such mistimed and disturbing announcements? But then I suppose I should be grateful, as I wouldn’t know otherwise. All this job swapping is making me dizzy… can’t you lot stay where you are for a while… I’m not even fully used to the current schedule…

    By the way, as you may have noticed, I’m no longer anonymous. I’ve just obtained a name. Well, have had it for a while really… but that’s a long story… now where was I… oh right, the whole business of all this upheaval… no job security…

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