982 and counting….

First off, yes, the time tag is right. And, in reality I’ve been awake since 6. My son took it upon himself to sleep through the night last night so his first feed was at 6. Grand you might think but this morning, of all mornings, is the one he then chooses not to go back to sleep after I’m finished with him ๐Ÿ™‚

C’est le joy of parenting… Today is going to be a long one – I’m down to Kenmare for the festival! I’ll be in the main square late afternoon and then a club gig there tonight so no sleep for daddy shy whatever he can grab on the train and maybe after dinner this evening and I’m notoriously bad at that napping thing unless I’m shattered. Hmmm…. Shattered you say?

Almost at my 1000th post here. Some have facetiously suggested that I do 1000 things you don’t know about me as apparently there’s a tradition for 100th posts that you write about 100 things people don’t know about you… ๐Ÿ™‚


Am feeling guilted into writing more extensively as a couple of friends I know have started blogs over the last few months and are writing extremely entertainingly at length and then waving their posts in my face. Not fair guys…. ๐Ÿ™ See? An unsmily emoticon. I’m virtually weeping.

Am so sleep deprived I actually dreamed that Michael McDowell lost his seat and retired from politics yesterday and that Fianna Fรกil bucked all the trends and looked set to get back into government. Feckin lack of sleep.

Little one number 3 is currently under his play gym here in the living room while Classic FM burbles away in the background but that’s not going to keep him happy for long so you’ll know what happens if I stop sud……