A Blogmas Carol – Chapter 2…


TC had the last story…

“Red, blue”
Red, blue.
“Red, blue, red”
Red, blue, red.
“Red, blue, red, blue”
Red, blue, red, blue.
“Red, blue, red, blue, green”

Red, blue, red, blue, green.
“Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow”

Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow
“Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow”
Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow
“Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red”

Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red
“Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue”

Red, blue, red, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, green
I spend every day for the next six months, and on and off for years, doing this.
20 years later I’m in Brussels airport next to an American man (bearing no small resemblance to Hunter S Thompson) who’s telling me in the queue for the shop about how a certain airline have interfered with his travel plans for the last time and how he’s going to “fuck up” their mainframes to make it look like they were hacked from Addis Ababa. Lovely guy.
I pay, very politely say my goodbyes (I don’t want to wake up one day with the CIA surrounding me, weapons drawn) and take my package over to the nearest available bench. I prise open the hard plastic awkwardly, with a little too much urgency, as if the yellow oval inside is an antidote for something.
In a way, I suppose, it is.
I flip a tiny black ridged switch.

Daisy has the next story…

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14 thoughts on “A Blogmas Carol – Chapter 2…

  1. I knew what this was straight away! We used to have the big roundy one for playing on the tabletop, I think it used to belong to my mother or someone, it certainly came second hand to our hands but we loved it!

  2. Simon, you say? I never had one. The cousins did but I was too young to play. How boring is that?

    Loved the image though. You were doing well!

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