A Quick Blog Awards Post

It kind of starts with what I wrote on Mulley’s blog in response to his post about tomorrow night:

I feel the need to at least echo part of this. Please do come up and say hi if I’m hanging around as, unlike Mulley, I have no actual work to do until I step up on stage. Even then calling it “work” is highly questionable….

But I do have a memory worse then a goldfish. I don’t remember who you are. Do introduce yourself. Even then, I won’t remember your name 30 seconds later. It’s nothing personal. I have memory issues -)

I am really shite at names and worse at faces and if Flirty and Grandad want to come up and whisper in my ear that it’s them I’d be very grateful 🙂

See yiz all tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “A Quick Blog Awards Post

  1. Well done on the award. Must have been odd to present an award to yourself!

    Can you pls email at the email address on my comment here. I’m putting together an online publication featuring all of the winners and I need to send you an email about it. I could email your 2fm address but you might miss it if I send it there.


  2. What a night! What funny George W Bush videos! What a great acceptance speech from you.

    Congratulations Rick, hell of a great night thanks to people like Damien and yourself – really, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thanks too for the Fluphy badge! 😀

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