Right so.

Night 2 of the great “sure let’s give up telly for the week – it’ll help fill a few days on the show next week and won’t feck up anyone’s life at all” experiment 🙂

We’re doing grand – Joan is catching up on her jazz listening, Amanda hasn’t quite gotten round to the handwashing yet but we have high hopes and David just doesn’t miss it at all and is reading, meeting friends and going for long walks. Well adjusted fecker.

I’ve spent the last two nights finishing each day’s Guardian crossword (had forgotten how much I enjoy crosswords, even if tonight I’m still stumped by “Cub Scout leader (5 letters) A_E_A“)

Of course the wonders of Google now tells me it’s AKELA. What in the name of sweet flying jeebus is an AKELA?!??!? How have I gone almost 34 years without hearing that word? Humph.

Anyhew… That, talking more to my kids, reading aloud from the newspapers (love that bit!) and (shock, horror!) listening to the radio….. Who would have thunk it?

Fair play to our guy painting the lighthouse off the Cork/Kerry coast who I talked to today! How cool a job does that seem? He’s living there for 3 weeks while they get the job done… I love radio. Genuinely. Nowhere else could I connect with people like this every day.

Tomorrow, how you all got on without the footy…