Anna, Blaithnaid, Podge & Rodge…

Bizarrest things I’m going to say this or possibly any other week?

(1) I’m going to be “Man Friday” this Friday on RTE1’s The Afternoon Show. It involves me being the token man for the day, being sworn in, interviewed, tasting what the chef’s cooking and generally causing a bit of mayhem if at all possible…

(2) I’m going to be appearing in Podge & Rodge’s Christmas DVD. I’m not entirely sure what this will involve but I’m ever so slightly scared…

This job gets weirder and weirder and more fantastic every day….


One thought on “Anna, Blaithnaid, Podge & Rodge…

  1. Secret codewords are needed so you can let us know exactly how things are going in studio – call it a game of Ringo (Rick’s Bingo – get it?)


    instead of you saying “this food is horrible” you say “what a unqiue flavour this dish has”

    more suggestions from others needed. I’ve never seen the program but would have it recorded to see how many Ringo words you use 🙂

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