Blogger’s Block

What happens on those days you’re blocked as a blogger? You know, you fancy writing something, posting something but nothing comes. And a hundred other jobs are getting in the way anyway.

When was the last time I actually “wrote” something for here anyway? Here probably:

It’s strange but I find that the further and further on I go on the less I actually write. I’m conscious that when I was at my most productive here I was on 10 to midnight and thus had relatively little work to do and that since I started with the guys every day is jammed with actual work and preparation for the show.

Still, have a look at here say a year or two years ago and look at the extent of actual written material there is. How about this? Written after the Love Ulster Riots…

Or my trip to the National Museum at Collins Barracks?

I know it’s all about finding time but I must try harder…

2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Block Bloggers is a new software being developed by mean companies that think work time is for work.
    When will they learn we need to be creative or else we will just get bored using the computer.

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