Book Eighteen

Book Eighteen 2014: 

The Quick by Lauren Owen


I’m going to do her as I have done in so many others and say that I’d rather tell you as little as possible about Lauren Owen’s upcoming debut novel The Quick.

It’s set in 19th century England, reads like it was written in 19th century England, deals in the gothic, you don’t get a confirmation of exactly what sort of book it is for at least 100 pages. Beyond that I’d rather not say any more as I think I’d be ruining it for you.

She writes effortlessly and with huge energy where she needs it, intricate slow detail in others, creates a series of fantastic characters that will sit very nicely in the history of the genre. Whatever genre that may be… 🙂

If the second paragraph above seems like it might be your thing, I’d recommend it to you without hesitation and, even though it’s 520 pages long, it rattles along.

Top, top stuff. One of the most enjoyable things I’ve read in the last year.