Book Seventy Three

Book Seventy Three 2014:

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein


I’ve read, enjoyed and gotten enraged by all of Naomi Klein’s books over the years.

This is the first one that terrified me. It should terrify you too.

In it she starts from the same point many of us are at:

(1) Climate change is terrible.

(2) Something will have to be done.

(3) My kids will probably be the ones who’ll have to sort it out.

(4) Sure what can I do about it anyway, governments will have to save the day.

(5) Even if that doesn’t happen I’m sure science will swoop in at the last-minute with a miracle machine to make sure we don’t all collectively live in a poorly shot remake of Mad Max or Waterworld.

She then works through point by point showing us that not only are we screwed, we’re all screwed NOW, the path capitalism has taken in the last few decades is a massively contributing factor and that fossil fuel companies will do everything in their power to keep on making money no matter if it means that the rest of us will all die in the next couple of decades as a result.

Everyone needs to read this now. And then do something big. IMMEDIATELY.

If not, the planet will boil and drown before the end of our own lifetimes and we will have no-one else to blame but ourselves.

That’s it.

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