4 thoughts on “Coldplaygerism Cubed…

  1. Brilliant.

    When I was first learning guitar, I kept saying I didn’t want to write songs or play in a band, ’cause I was secretly afraid of unwittingly “ripping off” others songs that I didn’t know (since my range of music knowledge at the time was pretty narrow). This whole case is pretty evident of that possibility.

    So, screw it! I’ll be playing Vicar St in a year. See you there for my album release “Yellow Self-Propelled Undersea Vehicle”.

  2. Haha!! Some crappy new york band also claim that Coldplay ripped them off – Creaky Boards or something, was listening to it on youtube last night and the first opening bars of the melody sound similar…as for this…surely this will ensure it is thrown out of court? or maybe another plaintiff!?

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