20 thoughts on “Competition Time…

  1. He had just scored and was stripin off his trousers instead of his jersey, didnt want a yellow card 😀 ha ha ha

  2. Isn’t it obvious? He was still searching in vain for the “magnificent performance” that Arsene Wenger had promised on the night! Isn’t that what the sniffer dogs were looking for at half-time in the Emirates too?

    I doubt that he had any more success finding it in his pants, than the dogs in the stadium, or his manager on the pitch.

  3. bouncer- “now son. it’s a chant. Not an order”

    (working off the theory having twenty thouseand fans shouting ‘up the ar..’ is bound to effect them sooner or later;)

  4. Bouncer: If your teachers ask about your bruises, what do you tell them?
    Nicklas: (crying) I got hit by a baseball!

  5. “No, you can’t get the arse in the cup.”

    “No sir, that’s not what they meant when they said show us your arse tattoo”

    And I’m spent.

  6. Looks like Nicklas Bendtner couldnt even score with his pants down….Its just a shame he’s wasnt pictured leaving a “Burlesque” with a wad of £20’s in his grubby little mitts
    As an Arsenal fan it sickens me he ever grazed the pastures of the emirates…

  7. Got into a Randy Marsh-esque fight over the outcome of the match and is being hustled out. He was actually saying at the time “Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was ‘Merica!!!”

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