Fair play to Irish who, along with our own Newsbeat here on 2FM, Metro and The Examiner this morning were the only outlets to mention yesterday…

They have it HERE

The Irish Examiner have it HERE……. Many thanks to them but could journalists please, please stop calling us epileptics!!!!!!!! Grrrrr……..



2 thoughts on “Coverage…

  1. Hey,

    Don’t mean to be rude, but what’s wrong with epileptics? Is that wrong? What should we say instead? Should it be “person with epilepsy” or “has epileptic espisodes” or what. (I’m a journalist so I’d like to know!)


  2. Not rude at all Kaz! Most journos I’ve come across don’t ask at all 🙂 I suppose you say that someone “has epilepsy”.

    I spoke to someone recently who described “epileptic” as being in the same category as “spastic” – just old hat…


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