D Txt Frm HL….

Got a message on my Bebo that has made my blood run cold…

heya am emz hw can ee lk readn? it is shit lol??? btw ee dont no me lol!!!!

There, my friends, is the 21st century encapsulated in a text…


EDIT That accompanied by the text below taken from the Bebo page of a listener to the show from GMIT:

MySpace and Bebo are the propagators of an Orwellian society, gathering reams and reams of volunteered personal information which can be used to create psychological profiles and allow governments to single out potential trouble makers as well as enabling marketing executives to better manipulate their target audiences.

4 thoughts on “D Txt Frm HL….

  1. Twenty, that’s what scares the shit out of me….. Maybe it’s short for “thee”? Is old English making a comeback…?


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