David’s WWW Wonders

 David saw these today… We’re not so sure you should frequent the first one…


Before Christmas we heard about the website http://whenwillamywinehousedie.com… The idea was that you log on, predict the date of her death, get it right and you win an iPod Touch. Very, very bad taste and we didn’t mention it on the show until now and the reason is that they’ve now focused on Britney Spears.

Back in November we mentioned about bank intern Kevin Colvin who got in trouble after he told his boss he’d have to miss work due to a family emergency, and then his boss spotted a picture of Kevin on Facebook partying at a Hallowe’en party that weekend.

Now the whole issue of employers checking your Bebo or Facebook page is now a big deal and people that may have posed for pictures smoking a joint or stripping at a party, should be worried… These guys will rewrite your web history for you to varying degrees:




2 thoughts on “David’s WWW Wonders

  1. hmm. if you lie and you get caught from being dumb enough to post about it on your facebook, i say too bad. the net is public domain so even bosses have access to it, which is why you lock it for friends only, or dont post about things that might get you into hot water in your work life.

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