3 thoughts on “Football Reading?

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Rick. Just watching Romania v France now and trying not to doze off…

    Ah well – Italy vs. Holland later may jolt me back into full consciousness.

  2. Feel your pain, the first match did just that for me alright. Trust the Dutch to inject a bit of flair into proceedings… But just how poor were the Italians? Jaysus…

  3. Apparently Italy were fielding the oldest (on average) 11 ever seen in the history of the competition! Might explain why they looked so creaky and ponderous. I still think they might come good. Grosso and Del Piero (no young man either) injected a bit of life when they came on so with a bit of chopping and changing they could sort themselves out.

    Holland, being Holland, turn it on just when nobody expects anything of them. Typical.

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