From Here I Can See Ireland’s Evil Eye…

Given Liam T‘s recent lack of sight it is my honour to now become the first of the staff of writers that was once just a glint in his eye…. The one that still works…

“Welcome to this evenings edition of From here I Can See Ireland’s Eye, Liam is on hiatus, I’m Pete McPeteypetersenpete… Good Evening”

He was away in Amsterdam over the weekend for a family outing

(Jesus…. How weird is it that I’m blogging someone else’s life….? Did think of trying to write in his style but I’m just not that funny…. Or I just don’t have that much spare time to waste while I sit gently nudging the skin just above the small of my back with my gold back scratcher in my aircraft hangar-sized office just along from my staff of trained monkeys all desperately trying to bash out tomorrow’s five word weathers…)

when he came across the pure wonders of nature below in a joke shop three doors down from the Anne Frank Museum. As he said himself in his comprehensive text ordering me exactly how to do this “It’s what she would have wanted…. fatboy. Now mow my lawn!

It was Amsterdam… I wonder how many of them are anatomically correct?