I am feeling guilty. And that doesn’t happen often….. 🙂

To be fair to Ray D’arcy he has mentioned the full list of nominees for the Meteor Ireland Music Award Best DJ award any time he’s talked about it. Weirdly he’s the only one of the nominees I don’t know!

So, in the spirit of mutual goodwill it’s the last few days to text VOTE to 085 7114444 or log on to and vote for:

1 Alison Curtis
2 Ray D’arcy
3 Ian Dempsey
4 Tom Dunne
5 Nikki Hayes
6 Rick O’Shea!!!!!!!!!!!$*$*$*$**££%”%”*”%*!%*!%”!*%¬*!*%¬*%”*”*!%£

No bias here.