How To Be Irish….

After taking inspiration from the English lad down below with his tea video on Youtube we decided we’d do a “How To Be Irish” version. Oh but what should the subject matter be……?

You had ideas, amazing how many of them involve turf, sandwiches or tea! All priorities. We’ll pick the best and let you know when it’s up….

How to slag someone

Making coddle

How 2 fiddle money in every way possible!

How to tear a person to shreds in a comical fashion While still remaining good friends

How to pull a pint of guiness

How to make an IRISH COFFEE

How to peel an orange in your pocket … Johnny ‘mean’ from cavan.

How not 2 use indicators when makin a turn r on a roundabout

We could teach them how to make a hang sandwiche! Dont think you’d see that anywhere else

To play hurling how more Irish can ya get?we should get sean og o halpin to do it!

We could teach ya how to make tayto blaa’s ro in Waterford

How to brew poteen

How to make the perfect mashed spuds!

How to riverdance

How to cut the perfect sod of turf than sell it to tourists

How to make St.Bridget crosses

How to swear prolificly yet not offend anybody.

A lesson on making Irish stew…

How 2 spread slurry. boggers are great at it

How to answer a question with a question. We’re masters at not commithng ourselves

How 2 cook a bacon and cabbage dinner with all d trimings,that should keep em entertained 4 hrs!

How to over take on double white lines at 100 on the mobile.

We could show people how to make a Creel properly,which is a basket for carrying turf

“How to go out in july dressed for the four seasons
James , carlow”

How to be Irish: fire evacuations. When you hear a fire alarm, do absolutely nothing. Do not leave the building unless you can see fire, al.

How 2 swing a hurling stick,id neva seen 1 util i came 2 ireland…

Ok “HOW TO SKIN A LEPRECHAUN” firstly catch a leprechaun, then strip, pluck or shave, then lightly boil – let cool then peel away skin 😉

How to send teams off to word cup finals in both soccer and rugby with the hopes and dreams of the nation behind them and for the teams to dismally disappoint us on and off the field

How 2 make coddle! Boil a pound of gramby sausages and a lb of streaky rasher in a pot wit 5 large spuds cut in half and 1 onion cut in 4. Bring 2 d boil and simmer 4 2omins. Then add 2 oxo cubes and and 2 spoons of bistos. Stir til well mixed. Serve wit batch bread n butter! Enjoy

How 2 cut turf

How to put a shamrock on top of pint of Guinness Selena

How to eat your dinner out of the drawer !

How to milk a cow. Sinead Laois

How to be Irish…How to order a pint in a busy pub…Firstly get to the front of the q blag your way there “everybody is your mate/buddy ask how there keeping” secondly get the bar mans attention “Alright horse” thirdly “ask for a tall pint of the black stuff then enjoy…

How to begrudge

How 2 be Irish. How to enjoy craic that is legal..

How to begrudge every one who appears to be getting on in life. ‘Thanks Rick. Sure I remember when you didn’t have an arse in your trousers! ‘

We could teach them, how to lean on a shovel( in pairs) while gazing into a hole on the side of the road and describe it adamantly as a hard days work!

How 2 look sexy in a hi-vis jacket!

We could teach the world how to work like pushing a wheel barrow like i’m doing today the Irish people are the hardest workers

Rick. We could teach them to roll their trousers up to their knees like a bog warrior and dance about like an eejit at a wedding.

Make a good old Tayto sandwich, 2Slices of fresh bread, smear of butter, bag of cheese an onion an a good strong cup of cha- hey presto!

Its the ability to use sarcasm and realise its not the lowest form of wit.

Hello Rick i think u should do “how to play hurling” i think it’ll get a lot of hits on YouTube.

How to crawl over the bodies of 10 naked women to get to a pint then crawl back without spilling a drop.

How 2 Riverdance! Sum red head wit freckles wit a big Guinness belly! now u don’t get much more Irish den that. I wud luv 2 c dat on u tube.

How to use the word Feck

How to light a fart.

How to ask a question with the answer included!

How to split sticks and light a turf fire.. Roy from the bog

How to drive around a roundabout without using your indicators, ever

How to queue for a bus i.e. All line up in an orderly fashion n when the bus arrives elbow everyone else out of the way… Liz

To teach the Irish jig or play the bodhrán 🙂 cant bet the good old ceoil tradisunta:-)

How to make and eat a breakfast roll. Cheers rogue of the shed.

How to foot turf in the bog the good owl Irish style or to cut spade turf

How to extend a wedding/funeral into a 4 day bender with no sleep . Molly

How to b an Irish mammy. Spud dinners, dryin clothes in d oven, oh the possibilities could go on!!haha

How 2 ride a donkey

How to make a jumbo breakfast roll using pat shorts ingredients and song as background music from Patrick in limerick

How to get an Irish tan during winter. Get sun bed, plug in, set to hot, lie upon it, stay for hour or so. DO NOT REMOVE TEE SHIRT! Mgt Westmeath

How 2 get a good farmers tan and to wear sandals and white socks on holiday. DAMIEN IN Naas co. Kildare

How to give people directions, by telling them what roads not to take! Patrick Co Armagh

How to – bog surfing!

Q-ing at the baggage carousel at the airport, getting as many members of ur family as u can to stand at the carousel with 2 trolleys and stop everyone getting their bags .

We should show them the ancient art of bog snorkelling. Now that idea like 2 see.
How to cut the perfect sod of turf .All you need is a right angle spade and wellies the length of the sod depends on how much wellie you give it.

How to stand watching someone else doing a job and criticising them the whole time but not helping.

How 2 eat ham sambos, drink tea from a flask, milk from a cadet bottle, from d boot of a car on match day , truly Irish,

How 2 make an Irish stew

Plug d old kittle in da wall, grab a decent mug and a tay spoon, when d kittle is boilt fire a tay bag in a mug n a drop of water n and get u watered down milk do low fat stuff and so on . Culchy is d Irish way.

Kind of an add on 2 d Tayto sandwich, u could show people how 2 bite the ends off a Twix finger+use it as a straw 2 drink ur tea with the sambo.

How to fart in a crowd and look completely clueless as to where the smell is coming from.

How 2 make a jumbo breakfast roll couldn’t get more Irish than that Rick

Build a port tunnel thats to small for the lorries . Pj in Offaly .

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  1. I would have to say the one about tearing your friends apart and remaining on good terms would be interesting…

    But I think being able to swear without offending people is TRULY Irish!!!!!! This gets my vote!

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