I Just Cleared My Feedreader…

I had to.

There were 720 items in it.


Promise to read everything you do from now on 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Just Cleared My Feedreader…

  1. Hmm I had skim through non necessary stuff at the weekend.
    I always *read* the Blogs section entries, but the other stuff gets skimmed…
    However today, 990 items again…

    honestly! 🙂

    Where can I get a job that pays me to mostly just read my feedreader?


  2. I have been at 1000+ for so very long now. I think today is the day I’ll press the “Mark All As Read” button.

  3. Anthony, I read my friends blogs all the time. Just ask me a question about yours. Anything. It’s the one about the beauty products, right?

    Elf, Darren…. Clicky.

    Donna, you’d be surprised how many bloggers I know don’t have one!! I use http://reader.google.com

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