I Was A Twentysomething Movie Spy

Never one to shirk from a challenge, Radar found one of my old posts on Ain’t It Cool News from 8 years ago when I spent a while being their UK/Ireland editor.


I was young(er), working on the radio with some access to movie interviews at the time. Occasionally I’d ask a question about an upcoming much-anticipated project of some actor or other that I wouldn’t include in the movie thing I did for my then employers. Instead I’d float the sometimes exclusive information off to Harry Knowles and, bizarrely, I was the only person here or in the UK that fancied the gig when they wanted someone to do it…

I’d scour the British movie sites, take in mails from others around Europe and fling it off a couple of times a week to Austin, Texas.

Oz was the first online identity I ever took and gave me the taste for all of the latter incarnations I’ve had.

Nice to see these still exist somewhere 🙂

All this gives me an idea actually but I’ll muse on that and post about it later.

3 thoughts on “I Was A Twentysomething Movie Spy

  1. And it also gave you the oppurtunity to perve over female celebrities :

    “wait til you UK kids get a load of Amanda Byram, the impossibly gorgeous Irish girl who’s one of the new presenters!!!!! Grrrrrrr……):”

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