“I’m Great In Bed, I Make Great Money…. Believe It Or Not I’m A Complete Catch…”

And, as promised on the show, here it is…

The MOST extraordinary pair of voicemails I’ve heard in such a long. long time. So when you meet that asshole out over the weekend just be glad it’s not this guy…




EDIT – Excellent 🙂 I suggested someone start making t-shirts and already here they are:


21 thoughts on ““I’m Great In Bed, I Make Great Money…. Believe It Or Not I’m A Complete Catch…”

  1. It wouldn’t take a psychiatrist to tell this man is perhaps a passive aggressive personality himself. Chillssss …… Smart Olga to have shared this with us!!

  2. takes guts to sell yourself, but not sure about the ‘mother having cancer line’.

  3. He seems like an alright guy. Why would Olga mess him around like this? Women can be so cruel.

  4. R u for real demetri dont use the mother with cancer thing even if its for real dont get the sympathy. be urself dont be embarressed about being ur self. i am n hospital at the moment and face a lonely future as i have to disassociate from my family as most of them are assholes. I am excited and scared. Its good to be straight and be ur self when possible. Face to Face (westlife album) i often find is best with eye contact cant beat best of luck in ur journey i am on a journey and i have picked the one but yet to meet him i have waited 2 yrs can wait 2more! E

  5. Hey, listening to that hilariously disturbing voice mail, I decided to do some research. He said he was, “working on a screenplay”, and the blog mentioned he was in San Fran. Anyway, I put those elements together and came across this guy… http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0224929/bio
    I strongly believe it’s one in the same person. NOBODY but the guy on the voice mail could possibly go on about themselves like this! It all fits.

  6. i agree wit emer. i have been trying to listen to te voice mails for the last hour with no luck. i clicked on to where it says listen to voice mails and notin is happening. so giving it up as a bad job

  7. Hello:

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    One more thing … the voicemails are just viral marketing for the film I describe above. You can tell because they drag on forever, he mentions the movie, he sounds like he’s reading off a script, and you can hear him trying not to laugh at a couple of parts when he gets totally ridiculous. Pretty clever way for a narcissist to get the whole world to chat about him, huh?

  8. Dimitri The Lover movie by Hollywood producer Brad Goodman confirmed (we’ve all been had):

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