“I’m Not Too Sure Where I Left The Car…..”

All real, taken by me on the slip road up to the M50 from Dundrum on Sunday morning…


3 thoughts on ““I’m Not Too Sure Where I Left The Car…..”

  1. Rick, I hate to be all serious, but you might want to check to make sure noone was injured or (God forbid) killed in whatever circumstances this car ended up on the speed barier. Judging by appearances, it doesn’t look like it-windows intact etc. But, just in case, you wouldn’t want to upset grieving relatives. And in any case it might have been an idea to blank the reg…I say “might have been” because the picture’s been up a while and anybody who’s seen it and recognises the reg is probably slagging the driver something chronic about it…whereas if you’d blanked the reg originally that problem wouldn’t arise

  2. A very valid point but as you can see if you look a little closer you’ll be able to see that this wasn’t an accident – there’s no actual visible damage either to the barrier or the car itself!

    My theory is that it was driven up the sloping crash barrier just in the back of the picture very, very slowly and then allowed to come to rest by some enterprising joyride/dumper…

    Maybe it’ll allow whoever’s car it actually is to find it!



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