It Started On The Late Late Show…

It’s amazing the things you stumble across in second hand bookstores.

A while ago I got this in Chapters for €3. It’s the memoir of the legendary Pan Collins, for years the senior researcher on The Late Late Show. It’s beautifully written, fascinating and unputdownable and, as far as I can see almost unavailable anywhere and long out of print.

If you come across it and have any interest in the behind the scenes workings of TV then grab on with both hands…

4 thoughts on “It Started On The Late Late Show…

  1. Sounds great. I’m very much into TV and would love to have a read of it. Shall check Dublin libraries for a copy and shall certainly keep my eyes peeled for a copy..

  2. I’ve read the book since my last comment, and it’s absolutely brilliant and very funny in places too!

    I would definitely recommend it.

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