Just what the world needs – more social networking!!!!!

OK. The hassling me to “join me on Facebook” has finally reached critical mass. I’m going to give it a go for a couple of weeks (as if I don’t have enough to deal with when it comes to here, Bebo and Myspace!!)

Join me here:



EDIT – It’s interesting but I’ve decided to keep it on one condition… Have a look HERE

4 thoughts on “Just what the world needs – more social networking!!!!!

  1. Shoulda gone for twitter you should. Then people could join your twitter group and we could all receive SMS’s daily about what’s coming up in the show ‘n’ stuff like that….And all you would have to do to SMS thousands for free is to send type a quick message on your twitter.

  2. Jaysus…. That’s not a bad idea…. We’ve talked about it on the show but anyone else think this is worth pursuing or have any experience with it?

  3. I subscribe to the Politics.ie twitter and it’s excellent I must say – get the latest news from the site for free. I love it!

  4. Rick – I think we need to talk about your web addiction.

    On a slightly different topic, how on earth is Roscommon top of the monopoly poll – did everyone in the county vote?

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