Keane 7

My ten year old just texted me this with the headline “A moment of beauty”

Remember when you were that young and excitable over things like this? 🙂

He’s also very excited that the Villareal friendly is on Sky Sports tomorrow night and we’ll get to watch it together…

6 thoughts on “Keane 7

  1. Rick going shop now to get my number 7 keane jersey now.Cant wait see him on pitch with torres

  2. I don’t know Rick. Is he worthy of the number 7? As an Irishman I hope he flourishes but I wonder if he’s a top 4 player? Portsmouth are on your asses now anyway! I guess I should declare I’m an Arsenal fan by the by. But yeah I do remember when I got excited like that. I still do occasionally but it’s been a while since Arsenal bought a player of that profile!

  3. The last time I got excited like that was when Robbie Fowler re-signed.. this time I am just glad the saga is over and hope Keane can pick up where he left off last season. He has the intelligence to work with Torres but he will also infuriate the Spaniard from time to time with his runs. YNWA

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