Les Flicks

Not sure why it’s all movies tonight but why not go with the flow….?

Ended up in the IFI last weekend for the screening of one of my favourite French films – Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg. Realised all too late the first time I saw it was there, probably in Screen 1 as well, when it was reissued in 1992, 15 years ago.

So old, so very old.

It’s a musical, beautiful and heartrending in all the right places with a gorgeous set of songs written by Michel Legrand…

Reminded me of my other favourite French film of the era, and one I can’t help harping on about simply because I’m the only person in the world left who loves it – Jacques Tati’s masterpiece Playtime…

Which, in a round about way, brought me back to the classic Battle Of Algiers which I only saw for the first time a few months ago, again in the IFI…

All to be watched if you ever get the chance.

One thought on “Les Flicks

  1. Ah! I also love ‘Les Parapluies de Cherbourg’! (I live in France, so I’ve to call it by its French name). Even better than the songs, it has Catherine Deneuve in it 😀 I haven’t seen ‘Playtime’ (and plenty of people love it, as far as I can tell!) but there’s an old Tati film called ‘Jour de Fête’ which is really great and very traditionally French.

    The best thing about living in France is that all these fantastic French movies pop up on the TV every so often (‘Subway’ by Luc Besson is on tonight), which really fills these difficult non-Champions League nights 😀

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