Loneleeeeee… I Am So Loneleeeeee…

How sad is it that two people from the choir practising downstairs came over to me and asked if I knew where to find some RTE headed paper and I embraced them like long lost friends simply because they’re the only people I’ve seen in the last hour….? 🙂 It’s very quiet when Dan’s not here…..

Anyhew, found myself wandering through the Virgin sale today (anything that has a 5.99 or less section is good with me!) I have a long-standing relationship with record store sales. Time was I’d come out of the Virgin Megastore when it opened on Aston Quay with a pile of vinyl under my arm of a Saturday afternoon (very little of which actually got played more than once to be fair) but my theory about them in recent years has been that the vast majority of the time I end up buying stuff I wouldn’t normally glance at simply because it’s cheap (ah, the eternal student within!)

Not that that’s so bad in itself – to call my music collection eclectic would be vastly underestimating the situation. While I live on contemporary rock, singer/songwriter, hip hop etc etc etc I own (and actually like!) stuff as vastly differing as Noel Coward, Serge Gainsbourg, Them, Perez Prado, Bobby Darin, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Planxty and a stash of old jazz, blues and classical stuff too.

This, of course, means that I’m far more likely to find something I actually want in crapshoots like today that the average punter. Two things happened. I found something I have since listened to and loved and I found these:

“The Best Of Babybird/Blancmange” surely implies more than You’re Gorgeous and Living On The Ceiling but I didn’t have the heart to check the tracklistings to see how many remixes of either padded out the cd.

I did find this delicious morsel:

Have been meaning to get a start in Bollywood music for ages and it turns out this was just the right way to do it. One of classic stuff, one of “funky” tracks and one of modern….. Sweet…..


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  1. gr8 idea for a story!”the lonely dj” even better gr8 idea for a Bollywood movie 🙂

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