4 thoughts on “Max Speaks!

  1. Ah, the little baba. That’s sweet. And yes, it does bring a smile . It’s been scientifically studied that the sound of a baby laughing or whatever does cheer people up.

    And now for a funny baby related story..

    Taking a photo of a baby one day, the mother is there over my shoulder trying to get the baby to smile. She’s using all the tactics she can and one of her lines was “Heya….. heya little man…… Where’s your smile, where’s your smile, ahhh, where’s your f**kin smile”

    Imagine that line spoken the way you talk to babies (all sweetness and light) and with a broad Dublin accent and you’ll appreciate how I had to stifle the laughter!

    Or another woman, something similar and her line was “Heya fatso, giveus a big smile”

    Ah the joys…

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