3 thoughts on “Michael Moore’s New Movie. For Free.

  1. umm… most canadians have no use for michael moore. i agree with much of what he says, but he’s pretty far out there on some fundamental stuff that i tend to believe in. he is however, doing a good job of getting people riled up to get off their ass and ‘do’ something about things they dont like… and so kudos to him for that at least.

  2. Just ticking the “Im in the US or Canada” box doesn’t seem to be enough. The download page linked to in the email sent out seems to know I’m not in the US or Canada and won’t let me watch the movue 🙁

  3. NiallOK – use something like pickaproxy.com to see the download page – once you get the download AVI link, you can just paste it into your favourite download manager, it doesn’t seem to be fussy about geographical restrictions then… However the movie is over 1Gb! Good quality though. Haven’t watched it yet so can’t comment on the quality of the film itself…

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