Must See TV

Don’t normally do this but these are exceptional circumstances.

I need an hour and a half of your time.


Below are the most recent two episodes of Dr Who, written by the legendary Steven Moffat. They are just a joy to watch and compelling tv and I can’t recommend them highly enough.



You’ll thank me.


Silence In The Library: 


Forest Of The Dead:

8 thoughts on “Must See TV

  1. Thanks for reminding me Rick! Watched the first one and forgot about the second…so so many teasers in the first about his future life! Ohhh and Alex Kingston in Dr. Who- certainly the best episode so far!

  2. David Tennant is just too hot for words! I love those faces he makes, and those eyes! oh hold me back rawwwr 🙂 I won’t even start on the thought of wanting to run my fingers through his hair 🙂 He is supposedly dating Georgia Moffet at the mo.
    Watched Forest of the Dead on Sat night, brill

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