“My Dear, my penis is a mountain”

The singing of the Croatian National Anthem at the England game the other night… Have a look:

I’ll explain why later 🙂

2 thoughts on ““My Dear, my penis is a mountain”

  1. To a Craot it actaully does not sound like it is transalted.
    1. The word for Penis is in Cratian: Kurac. What this bloke sung was ‘Kura’ as oposed to Kuda in the original national Anthem.
    2. So it really does not sound like ‘My Penis is a Mountain’ as transalted by British newspapers. If it would – you would see a reaction on peoples faces on the video.
    3. It is gramatically incorrect, and would also be a wrong word order.

    It sells newspapers, but Croats did not get it really.

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