My Name Is Ozymandias…


I forgot to blog this at the time (x 1,342,089) but, during the Christmas holidays, I re-read Watchmen for the first time probably since I was in school or college around 1990/1. I genuinely loved it at the time, so much so that when I was the UK & Ireland correspondent for Ain’t It Cool News for a while about 13 or 14 years ago, I took the name Ozymandias.

I’m glad I reread it and I’m glad I was right first time round.

It is as legendary, complex, poetic, angry, dark, visionary and breathtaking as I remember it being. That, of course, means I am now even more anxious about the upcoming movie version, though every time I see it on the cinema now the shivers keep rushing up my spine…

We’ll see.

10 thoughts on “My Name Is Ozymandias…

  1. You realise people will be rushing off to AICN to find posts by Ozymandias so they can slag you about your reviews of naff irish films from the mid 90s (e.g. Maeve Binchys Lilac Bus).

    There is a faint hope that they’ll have archived off (or binned) all the really old stuff and your blushes will be spared !!

  2. I’ve read the book every birthday March for the last 6 or 7 years. March is perfect timing for the movie to come out. I am mentally preparing myself to see the movie and I will, in a sensible fashion, GO FUCKING NUTS.

  3. I’ve read it about 15 times since I bought it again a few months ago. I can’t help it. And for Christmas, I got Watching the Watchmen. So now I’m comparing Gibbon’s thumbnails to the actual pages. It’s pathetic. I’ve lost about 3 stone.
    RP, go somewhere and get it and call in sick.

  4. Mulley, if you do I’d be very fucking impressed!!!

    Even more so if anyone can find any of my old posts… Radar?

    Orpees, you’re a little gentle and unspoiled for it I think…

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