My Own Personal Starbucks…

Can’t believe I’m sitting at my desk in work blogging at 9.20 on a Friday morning. To be fair I’ve arrived an hour early as is my practise even when I’m only doing a 2 hour daytime music show on a day when there’s no-one in the building!

Yup. There ain’t nobody here but us chickens.

And Starbucks.

Yes, normallly at night when we want a coffee the machine that spews out rat urine is the best we’re going to get but this morning the newly refurbished radio canteen (which closes after 5 each day) with in-house Starbucks is open!!!!!!!

Dave Redmond who’s on before me downstairs asked if I’d grab him a lukewarm rat’s urine with one sugar and, just as my heart sank and decided that I needed the caffeine and that I’d have one too, I saw what you now see below…

One poor bored looking girl in a practically empty building waiting desperately for some human company. My own personal Starbucks. Sweet…….

Dave and I now both flying on grande Americanos. Should make for an entertaining 2 hours after 10 🙂


One thought on “My Own Personal Starbucks…

  1. Aaahhh, ya jammy git!! I know you’ve frequented the Starbucks around on College Green as well, is the coffee any better in RTE than it is in College Green, because despite the fact that I do spend some time in College Green on occasion, the quality of the coffee really isn’t brilliant, and certainly doesn’t match that of Starbucks I’ve had elsewhere in the world! 🙁

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