My poison of preference…

Wow. Loads to share about the weekend but for the moment I only have time for one.

Sunday evening, almost 5 now after being out til 5 this morning (and yes, that is a Herculean effort for someone who gets up at 4am weekdays!) and I have some life experience to share that may prove useful to you.

When I was in college pints of Bulmers were my tipple of choice (as any student will know they are great for nursing on a limited budget.) As I got older I went through a Bacardi phase brought to a merciful end with a bad experience that has long since been erased from the hall of shame… Tried Miller for a while, then JD and Coke for years but recently I have seen the light, hallelujah!!!

Whiskey and sparkling water.

Simple as that. No sickness from drinking a dozen mixers loaded with sugar (and no, I couldn’t just try diet mixers – still not sure those artificial sweetners don’t give you ebola/cancer/smallpox or whatever… As for Red Bull, I like my testicles where they are thank you very much…), almost no hangover in the morning even after drinking enough of it to float the round Ireland yacht race with the added bonus of my body being constantly rehydrated during the night.

And yes, I know before you type it in the comments section that does mean I have reverted to the drink of preference of my grandfather, his grandfather and dozens of generations before them… Well you know what? They were right…

Tomorrow – why I’ve finally succumbed to being a media phoney…


PS Don’t see a great night wasted. Drink responsibly.