Namiac 2008

I’ve had a growing issue recently with names. The name of this blog to be particular, and yes I know that’s my fault before anyone points the bleedin’ obvious out!

It started off as the relatively panic-induced named Mostly Harmless, followed on by DZ-015 – The Half-Arsed Blog Of Rte 2FM’s Rick O’Shea and then, after a brief fit of boredom The Whole Curiosity Blog.

I don’t really like that. I figured it out when I saw it actually written on someone’s blogroll.

So, I’m on the hunt for a new name. This however led me to think about blog names I like, and an interesting divide started to occur.

Most of the blog names I like were those created by women, some of the most prosaic and uninspiring (regardless of how good the blog itself may be) were created by men. Now whether this is a universal thing or just says something about what goes on in my head I don’t know buy bear with me for a moment.

Take a cursory look through my blogroll, who’s got the better names?





Green Of Eye/An Cathach

K8 The Gr8

Maman Poulet

The National Lottie


And the apex of incredible blog names in Raptureponies

or the more simple (and this doesn’t mean I don’t love yiz lads, cause I do)

Anthony McG

Chancing My Arm

Damien Mulley

Gavin’s Blog

Head Rambles

On The Record

The Chancer

This Is What I Do

And the simply nonsensical The Crabling Otter 😉

See a pattern here?

I know there are exceptions (Twenty, Pedro, Green Ink, Why, That’s Delightful!, Sinead Cochrane, Sabrina Dent), I’m just looking at what I see as a bigger trend in my tiny bored little head…

Is it just because girls are better than we are? Probably. So, as a result I’m just going to call my blog Rick O’Shea from now on (nonsensical enough in itself) until I can come up with something better.

It could take a while.

25 thoughts on “Namiac 2008

  1. Rick How about “The Lactose Intolerant LegenDairy Blog”… Bit Scienceie: but hey its its a thinker

  2. Dear Mr Rick,

    i don’t have a cool name for my blog, nor for that matter am I female, ambidextrous, canine or of a fake tanned skin complexion. That said I do however blame my parents that my name is the one I must continue on through my life with. This may have zero relevance to the above and in one sense I’m glad of that fact. But for the record, the minutes of the meeting and for the sake of mankind and all things illogic, I wanted to have this factual nonsense noted.
    I like the fact that I don’t *really* have a blog name but more a clichéd line that is ‘the thoughts and ramblings of..’ How you choose to categorise yours; be that by peer pressure, feelings of inferiority or maybe a nonsensical sense of uniqueness is purely to your own self and deep down inside their is a valued blog name that will be held in awe by others… the question I ask Mr Rick is do you know the answer?

    yours sincerely

  3. Dedicated to the Irish female bloggers :

    Rock it rock it baby baby
    Rock it rock it dance floor
    5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
    Take this — to the — —

    She’s a namiac, namiac on the blog !

  4. Just call it “Off the wall” it works with your name.

    Although if I ever bothered my arse starting a blog, i think i’d call it “Things about stuff”

  5. i started out with my name, then briefly had “welcome to my life” and it’s when i was really thinking about what i wanted my blog to be about that i settled on “this is what i do”. That morphed recently into “this is what i do, say, like and find worth commenting on” but that’s a bit long. Like most of my posts and comments actually.

    Blog names for yourself? Make more of the pun perhaps. Ricochet, interweb bouncer. The Electric rickpick. Rick and roll. Call it the rickroll and get tonnes of traffic. Blogorickrick. Go french. Chezorick.

  6. I always thought calling my blog irishstu was the height of wit and punnery. Though my mum thinks I should put a recipe for Irish Stew up there and make a fortune (somehow)

  7. Em…I quite liked The Whole Curiosity Blog. 🙁

    And what’s nonsensical about a Crabling Otter? Hmmm…ok, maybe it’s time for a name change for me too…

  8. @darren – urban dictionary. Otter. We’ve had this discussion. Though I thought that’s why you picked it in the first case …

  9. I’m with Grandad, his name is only feckin’ deadly and so is mine.
    I quite liked The Whole Curiosity blog, as it nicely summed up what this page is about. Though I suppose it did make you sound even older than you are. Which is quite a feat.

  10. I’ve never come up with a name for mine. I suppose it’s just me. :/

    Dead boring I know but I don’t feel like I do the weirder side to my personality on the blog. Some of the content may beg to differ though.

  11. I like Ricochet!

    When you are making changes… any chance of a page that I can actually read? I hate the ghosting effect when I try to read it. Thus the very few comments. 😥

  12. Wats Joe O’Shea up ta since *Cough* leaving Seoige and O’Shea… I think u sud get Joe 2write a Guest weekly Piece in which Joe critiques the new Seoige Show wit his new Blog called “O’Shea on Seoige”..Rick this will then allow u to catapult ur Blog to the top of the Blogosphere through the celebrity endorsement powerhouse that is Joe O’Shea…however wit the gud comes the bad: this wud mean naming ur new Blog sumthing CHEESEY like O’Shea”2″(Squared)….that will show them uber Hot Seoige sisters.

  13. I’m kind of ashamed of my blog name these days, it’s a bit hypocritically naff given that I’m a bit of a textspk h8ter. I had to change my MySpace profile to the old college nickname of ‘Froggy de Retardo’ for that reason. I’m too lazy to change it now.

    Ricochet is da bomb! Use that one.

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