Not Groundhog Day…

You know the way some days are Groundhog Days for most of us? You get up at the same time, shower, shave, get the kids out to school, whatever… You do the same things in mostly the same order in work, do the same things for lunch and then go home and watch the same tv shows before you go to bed.

Same for me really. I have those moments wheen I realise I’ve done exactly the same things in the same order (open my postbox, my e-mail, open Bebo, Myspace, here, answer my mails, do my playlist, play the jingle, play some music, talk some crap, get a taxi, go home)

Not today.

If you know my longtime reverence for and obsession with Johnny Cash then you’ll understand why today is no ordinary day 🙂

In my postbox is the lead single from the final ‘American’ album that he was recording with Rick Rubin when he died. It’s called God’s Gonna Cut You Down, it is truly extraordinary and it’ll be on the show tonight after 10…


EDIT: Want even better news? Dan will be playing tracks from the album after midnight tonight… Sweet….

2 thoughts on “Not Groundhog Day…

  1. Great news! I’ll be sure to listen to the show tonight. Although I’m five hours behind you here in Canada.

    I’m also an avid Johnny Cash fan. Did you happen to see the movie, “Walk the Line?” If so, what did you think?

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