Not The New Doctor

How in the name of sweet flying sonic screwdrivers did I miss this?

No way yer man is the new Doctor though, it’s misdirection…

13 thoughts on “Not The New Doctor

  1. I dunno rick, he also features in another BBC advert

  2. Proper linky to Ad for christmas special

    Also isn’t that the one from Ballykissangel in the red dress (or should i say not just any actress but the silky smooth voiced one from the M&S ads, not to be confused with S&M ads!)

  3. Okay – I have been saying since series 1 and rumors of Chris Ecceltson leaving that David Morrisey would be a Doctor. So I want my kudos. Someone? Over here!

    He’s brilliant. Go watch Blackpool and you’ll be in total agreement.

  4. Well the episode is called The Next Doctor But I reckon it is all a big misdirection. I doubt we will see the actuall next Doctor untill Moffat takes over.

  5. If they don’t make Morrisey the next Doctor I will just stop watching.

    Okay – that’s a blatant and disgusting lie. Shame on me!

  6. no way is he the new doctor!! where’s his sex appeal??? mmmm where? anyway they can’t make him the new doctor just yet because dave is still doing the show till the end of next year, when they finish up with those specials.

  7. Maybe there’ll be 2 doctors for a short while…kinda like Starsky & Hutch !

    And as for sex appeal, Tom Baker or Jon Pertwee didn’t need sex appeal (although Jon Pertwee did need a cup of tea and a slice of cake).
    He’s Dr Who not Dr McDreamy….if you want sex appeal watch ER or that Greys yoke !

  8. alright radar, relax the cax, after being spoilt with chris and dave i would assume they would try to find someone with equal appeal that’s half the reason a lot of women (not me though although ok it was part of the reason i’ll admit) tuned into it!

    and last time i checked ER and Grey’s weren’t sci fi shows, unless i’m missing something there also, meh

  9. So Rick was right with it being mis-direction, but their choice of Dennis Pennis’s little brother as the new doctor…what the flock ????

    Maybe the producers are going for a Dougie Howser vibe (possibly insprised by Ricks fresh faced beardless look) but I think a lot of folk will have a hard time taking him seriously as the Doctor !!!

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