Now With Extra Squirrels




You do a post that people seem to like. It has some pictures in it wot you took yourself that you’re quite proud of. Mates and commenters start to ask if there are any more.

Why yes there are, but…

(1) Put up more and you risk diluting the effect of the original ones.

(2) However, there are a couple of others you really liked that you were too lazy to put up first time round.

Fuck it. What’s there to be precious about? 🙂

Call this the deleted scenes from the DVD; if you like one or two you’ll be doing well…












10 thoughts on “Now With Extra Squirrels

  1. You found a ghost bike! I was looking out for them but didn’t manage to see one. I also like the one of the lift at The Top of the Rock. There was some party going on down below when i was there and there were loads of model types coming out of the elevators and asking the security guards to take their photos….

    Oh and was the Target sponsored light room still at the top of the rock? that was mad! 🙂

  2. squirrels = underrated.

    I saw a few ghost bikes last time in NYC. There was one down by the Beekman.

  3. some really nice photos there. jealous of your holiday.
    the low contrast of the b&w conversion does give them quite an old feel too.

  4. you cant dilute the first set when you post a second set like that. i said it before but its true. you have a good eye (unique perspective).

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