Oh Brian….

Well here it is. Realised the other day that I had Brian O’Driscoll’s e-mail address from the time he was in on the show and thought you might like to send your personal best wishes to him before the rugby world cup starts…

So here’s the combination of your texts and e-mails we sent…

Dear Brian & the Irish team and staff,

The Rick O’Shea Show and all its listeners just want to wish you and all the lads the very best of luck in the Rugby World Cup. Every Irish person at home and abroad are behind you 100%. No matter what happens, win or lose, we are a proud nation of all sports we take part in. Every man in a green jersey can only do his best and that’s all we want. You are well able to go all the way, and with your strengths and a bit of luck, well you’ll never know. Never drop your head, ye are all Irish heroes wearing your heart on your sleeve. Keep each other going. Be proud to be Irish.

Discipline and strength are the key attributes to beat ‘le bleus’ and avoiding the all blacks in the quarter finals. We would all prefer to meet them in the final. And when, not ‘if’, we meet the world number 1’s we will show the heart and pride we possess as a rugby nation. We would say we have faith in you- but faith is belief without evidence, and we have all the evidence we need that ye can go all the way.

Tame the foreign legion, squeeze the kiwis, take the fire from the welsh dragon, take the sting from the scottish and ride the english sweet chariot to glory. Hit those Rugby guys where it hurts the most – on the score board.

And above all else, enjoy yourselves. Because all of us fans back here will certainly be enjoying ourselves watching you and cheering you on.

Slán agus beannacht leat