Open Book, Insert Head

Right. Reading this at the moment.

Absolutely loving it. It makes vast amounts of sense to me. Read No Logo years ago and went through a period of a few years up until recenly where almost everything I read was political, sociological or current affairsey. Lots of John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast and the like.

Just took a breather for a while, but I’m back. You have to read this. Riveting.

Oh, and forgot to mention just how INCREDIBLE this was when I read it a while back:

The movie was very questionable but the book? It’s reignited my love of golden era sci-fi. Blistering prose on every page and as exciting as hell. Yes.

Yes, there’s a smaller picture but it doesn’t have to yell as loudly as it has vampires in it.

4 thoughts on “Open Book, Insert Head

  1. Aye- great reading from the Shock Doctrine so far- there is a short film for it which you can view/download from Klein’s official site.

  2. You should read ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks.

    Far scarier than I Am Legend. It’s kind of like ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ but with Zombies instead of Nazis.

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