They Drag Me Back In…

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  So, as always, the four weeks of my year in which nothing happens are up and stuff starts rattling along again 🙂 If you’re interested, I’m one of the performers again at this year’s Words On The Street. All readings are free (you do them on a sort of circuit around a load of locations close to each other) just make sure to get there early. More at – I’m also conducting my first ROSBC public author interview of the Autumn with the impossibly talented Sarah Crossan. Her new book Moonrise is just brilliant. Come along- I’m also launching […]

ROSBC Books Of The Month – August 2017

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It’s now officially three years since our first ROSBC Book Of The Month (we would only pick one every month back then). It seems like both a lot longer and a lot shorter, like most good relationships. It was Liz Nugent’s Unravelling Oliver, I’ve just saved you twenty minutes Googling trying to find out what it was. This month we have two more exceptional books by women authors – one Irish, one English. First up is Sarah Winman’s beautiful Tin Man. As I said in my blog review a while back it’s of my favourite books of 2017 by a […]

The First ROSBC Movie Screening

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You know, it just seemed to make sense when the IFI (avid members of the Rick O’Shea Book Club themselves) got in contact and asked if we were interested in partnering for a screening of A Man Called Ove, given that the book itself had been read my so many members. Still, I wasn’t sure how many people would show up given that we were crossing media borders. Who would have guessed that you could attract more people to a book event with a movie than any of the book events we’d had with authors? Thanks to everyone for coming, […]

New Short Book Reviews – June 2017

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  Late as usual, life (and festivals, events, work etc.) getting in the way, but here are my latest very short reviews of stuff I’ve read recently.   David Sedaris – Theft By Finding As someone who has read and loved him for years this is just brilliant. His actual diaries from 1977 right the way through 2002. Fascinating and funny in and of themselves, I do wonder though if you’d find them as interesting if you’d never read any of his collections. I loved it though.   Sally Rooney – Conversations With Friends This highly anticipated debut novel was […]

ROSBC – Books Of The Month June 2017

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Seriously, how are the months sliding past so quickly?? Anyway. For June, the 2 books we’ll be recommending here on the ROSBC are: Sally Rooney – Conversations With Friends The much anticipated (it was part of a seven way bidding war between publishers, although not in the Wrestlemania kind of way I had imagined as she corrected me last night!) debut novel from this 26 year old Irish author doesn’t disappoint. It’s an entertaining, human, real story of 2 quite different couples(?) whose lives collide in a very 21st century way. And: Edouard Louis – The End Of Eddy A […]

Craft Beer In Budapest


Part of a long running series here (see Edinburgh, Tokyo & Kyoto, Hiroshima, Seoul and Copenhagen) this time my travels took me to beautiful Budapest on the banks of the Danube. Wasn’t sure what to expect there to be honest. All I knew is that it was cheap to travel to and apparently cheap to eat and drink there as well. So, a few ideas as to where you might like to check out if you like craft beer… Matroz Koscma On the Pest side of the river (but right next to the hotel we were staying in) was a […]