Punctuation Ruining The Nation – The Bumper Edition!

I didn’t actually intend to wander around town this morning compiling new additions but I saw one and then over the next hour or so I stumbled on a bunch of others right ot the point where I was on the lookout for them. Maybe I have a problem…?

Unnecessary hyphen

Unless it’s a pub owned by Mr. “The Quay”…..?

Let’s not…

And look Sinead! The apostrophes have been removed!

Although they still survive in the shop…

And finally not sure about this one. Is it right or wrong? Surely it’s “Kid’s Pasta”? Or have I finally taken this too far…?

Seen any? Give a flying fig? Mail rick@2fm.ie


5 thoughts on “Punctuation Ruining The Nation – The Bumper Edition!

  1. Surely it’d be kids’, no? This, I presume, is the beginning of the pedants’ revolt?

  2. Ok, the Kids Pasta one is definitely taking things too far. Marketing people will do anything to peddle pasta and I’ve had just about enough of their evil ways. Never mind the vitamins, calcium and iron. What about the carbs turning to sugar and making the kids hyperactive?

    This phase you are going through is worrying but that’s why your blog is so entertaining!

  3. Leaving aside the evils of the pasta industry, the product’s name should indeed be “Kids’ Pasta” (as it’s surely aimed at Kids [plural] as opposed to one particular Kid).

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