Questions, No Answers

I almost never use here to talk about anything real in life. This is a fluffy place for stupid nonsense that catches my attention and usually little else. Not today.

I know this has rightly been extensively blogged elsewhere but I have to add my voice to this as well. It is probably one of the most explosive, captivating and stomach wrenching pieces of TV you’re ever likely to see in this country but it brings the Ryan report home like a punch in the face.

This is just in case you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

My first three thoughts when I saw it were of Michael O’Brien’s incredible bravery in speaking as candidly and as passionately to the country as he did about something so unimaginably traumatic, John Bowman’s commendable professionalism in letting him speak uninterrupted for over 5 minutes in a soundbite culture, and the steely politician face that Noel Dempsey keeps on throughout. He doesn’t even applaud at the end…

Will has the full transcipt here:

4 thoughts on “Questions, No Answers

  1. Politicians hate being caught like this. There’s absolutely NO bullshit standard response to use in this situation. See how uncomfortable Dempsey is.

    It’s good that these politicians are reminded once in a while of the kind of impact corrupt and abusive organisations can have on real people’s lives.

    The man is a very brave one.

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