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Weird but for some reason people seem interested in my opinion of new movies I’ve seen recently, asking through mail and Bebo and Myspace and such. I’ve never really done much of that sort of thing here despite doing it on radio and writing a short-lived movie review column in a Sunday newspaper many, many lives ago.

Reviews kind of bore me to be honest. I’m interested in the opinions of a select few reviewers whose taste I know I share and a few select mates for the same reason. Other than that I usually like to make my own mind up on such things. But, seen as I’ve been asked, let’s get them out of the way in one line or less if I can…

The Simpsons Movie

Just shy of brilliant for the first 40 minutes or so then completely loses its steam and laughs, the Spider-pig song is the best bit of the movie.


Much, much better (and funnier!) than I thought it was going to be even if it lags a bit in the middle, an hour of giant robots beatin the bejaysus out of each other at the end is the best entertainment you’ll get all summer.

Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

Felt like I was watching bits of the other movies spliced together… Bring back Alfonso Cuaron!

and for good luck, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (spoiler free!)

Nothing was ever going to be a good enough ending after 7 books, but Chapter 33 was genuinely exciting and entertaining even if it is a pity she didn’t end it with the Kings Cross chapter.

4 thoughts on “Rick’s Flicks…

  1. Hey Rick. This is nothing to do with your movie reviews – honestly! Just to remind you to pass over your toilet ratings for Eddie Rockets as per our chat a while back.


    p.s. its moved from ratethistoilet.blogspot.com to ratethistoilet.wordpress.com.

    Damien talked me into getting flashy like him šŸ˜‰

  2. Ah… no… you have it oddly wrong for a change. Book seven best book of the lot. Think the ending was twee, granted, and yes to end it at King’s Cross would have been brave nevertheless – a brilliant book.

  3. Oddly? Wrong? Me??!?!? For a change??? Hmmm… We’ll have to agree to differ so.

  4. NO NO NOOOO!!! u are wrong!! alfono cauron messed up the movies and left out a ton!! I have to say the order of the Phonix was the best movie yet!! and book 7 RAWKED!! though the ammount of deaths was a bit uncalled for, but I thought it was great overall! it did seem to drag a bit in the middle when they weretravelling around, but it was very well pased in fairness.

    as for Transformers, I liked it, look beyond the obvious product placement the whole way through and Jazz got killed off way too fast that noone even knew he was till it was said!! The special effects over all were fantastic, and they kept the old Transform noise!! SWEET!! and Now I totally want to own Bumblebee!!

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