So, Where Should I Be Going?


Here’s the idea. Last year I was in London for a weekend and went to the glorious Globe Theatre for a performance of King Lear. Very much wanted to repeat the experience this year and through a miracle of Bngr and some tickets going back on sale online late on I scored two.

So, I have a question.

I have the usual things  mapped out (Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, British Museum, V&A), anything else interesting happening over there that weekend I might hop by…?

14 thoughts on “So, Where Should I Be Going?

  1. yo rick!
    i’m actually from london (well, near it!! :P) so i know what’s up in that weekend:

    *the gay pride festival. not sure whether it’s your scene but it’s worth a mention. the actual festival starts on the 20th and the parade is the first weekend of july.
    by the way i’m not homo. nor is it my scene
    * the science museum. You can have hours upon hours of fun in there. Plus it’s free and it’s literally across the road from the V&A! Yippee!
    *covent garden. normally a blast 🙂
    * and if you want some grub, head on down to the Capital Radio bar. it’s run by a chain now but if you’re lucky you may spot some celebs (i.e. capital radio dj’s. by the way they’re not that famous. unless you see lisa snowdon going into work on a saturday)….

    just some ideas…. from a (current) kentish chick living not too far from london who’s moving to dublin soon!! 🙂

  2. Brick Lane is pretty cool, although the last time I was there it was quite Nathan Barley-esque with a great deal of hipsters walking around wearing flip flops on their heads etc. I imagine it’s not quite as hip now but there are some great spots to drink and eat, especially 93 Feet East which is deadly. Brick Lane is perfect for a nice leisurely boozy Sunday. Especially since the Brick Lane Market is on Sundays. Go to Liverpool Street Station, it’s about a ten minute walk from there. Enjoy!

  3. I know you enough to know that you should NOT go to Charring Cross Road and the 40 or 50 second hand bookshops.

    Remember your airline baggage limits.

  4. Thanks to everyone, will look up all.

    Steph, design already on my longlist.

    Aoife I thought I was the only one who remembered Nathan Barley… That’s enough to make me want to have a look around!

    Will, duly noted.

  5. “Stupid people think it’s cool. Smart people think it’s a joke…also cool.” I love Nathan Barley, it’s well Mexico. Have fun!

  6. Have I mentioned Wicked? Yuo could go to a matinee – if you show up you might get cheap tickets.

    And also. I hate you.

  7. which is the reference for a Vietnamese rest’ in Wardour street. Order the BBQ pork with rice paper and roll your own little pork pancakes. mm mmmm. I go there for lunch and then walk miles all around the suburbs off Hyde Park thrifting. Then go back for dinner. Absofuckinglutely delicious! and cheap as. Handy for theatres too.

  8. I am envious
    But I might be going to GAF to Midsummers Nights Dream and Merchant of Venice. So I’m not too envious, I’ll get my Shakespere hit

  9. Science Museum and Natural History Museum are beside eachother and totally epic. Went to both this week and would highly recommend them.

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