3 thoughts on “Stardate 08052009

  1. hey rick am i the only one who was left just a tiny bit disappointed with the movie. i am a hardcore trek fan, so maybe my expectations were too high. but iwas left feeling a bit empty after the movie. even though i did think it had all the right elements for a summer blockbuster, the humour, special fx, fast paced action all the way.they cant be faulted. but i really felt eric bana was seriously under-used as the nemesis. barely got to flex his acting skills. plus the short and weak final confrontation with nemos ship and the enterprise crew. it had all the elements to make this , this years iron man. a light hearted fast paced action movie. but somewhere along the way it lost me. did anyone else feel this. and i sooooooo wanted to love this movie. i really did…………………….

  2. I loved it. Zachary Quinto had a lot to do with it but the movie was also faboo.

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