Sub-Editor Sexual Fantasies…

I don’t really read the Sunday papers every week. I read enough of them during the week, absorb enough news, see enough websites so sometimes you just need to switch off.

There are exceptions – on those Sundays I have the time I scan The Observer and the Turbine. I should probably be doing that now, actually…

I’d never buy the tabloids. It’s not a snobbery thing at all (I read my fair share during the week for show prep purposes) just that life is too short at the weekend to do that kind of thing for kicks.

That doesn’t mean headlines don’t catch my attention as much as the next man. Just how many boxes did this one today tick?


Each word of the headline almost hits the target:

F1 (fame)

BOSS (power)


SICK (perversion)

NAZI (serious perversion!)

ORGY (sex)


5 (not one, not two, not three….)



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