6 thoughts on “Subverting The Universe

  1. It’s a worthy cause but where’s the same focus on men’s issues. We have two balls and a vote as well. More men die of prostate and ball cancer than breast cancer.

  2. um… speaking as one with experience in this area, Alan, you’re off the mark, at least over here in Canada. More women are diagnosed, undergo treatment, or die of breast cancer than prostate cancer. and the survival rate for women diagnosed early is much better than it used to be up to the 5 yr mark, but many women still have the breast cancer return after that time frame and subsequently die of liver cancer or bone cancer that started as breast cancer and metastisized.

  3. I remember reading somewhere about American Cancer statistics which is why I made my comment above but I don’t claim to be expert in these matters as I’m not in the medical field.

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